Housing Colonies

SkillTech takes up Develpment of Housing Colonies and Layouts either on Total/Partial Turnkey basis or on Joint Venture Basis. The Colonies developed by SkillTech are fully equiped with all basic amenities, to build a dream, like Asphalted Roads, Surface Drains, Storm Water Drains, Water Supply, Overhead tanks with Distribution Networking, Underground Drainage Systems, Septic Tanks, Borewells, Raising mains, Electrification of the layout, Street Lighting, etc.

All the services offered by SkillTech have the highest standards of quality and as per the specifications of the concerned bodies.
A brief description of the services offered by SkillTech for the Development of Layouts or Housing Colonies on Total Turnkey basis are

Location of Land
Negotiating with landlords & Entering into agreements
Obtaining permission from various Govt & Statutory bodies for legal conveyance of property to the client
Getting non-agricultural conversion
Surveying and preparation of Layout plan
Layout plan approval by competent authority
Laisioning & Co-ordination works with various departments like revenue dept., Urban Development Authority, Town Planning, Pollution Control Board, Karnataka Urban Water Supply & Drainage Board and Electricity Supply Companies, etc.
Execution of Civil works like formation of roads
Development of Parks, Club Houses, Childrens Play Area, Swimming Pool, Jogging Track, Play Grounds, etc.
Surface/Storm water drains, CD works
Demarkation of sites
Providing amenities like
  Distribution Networking Water Supply, Overhead Tank & Sump, Borewells & Raising Mains
  Underground Drainage system including Manholes, Septic Tanks, Sewer Lines using Stoneware pipes
  Rainwater harvesting & Ground water recharging
  Avenus Tree Planting
Electrification of the Layout including
  Installation of Transformers
  11 KV and 220 V lines
  Street Lighting

For further Enquiries and getting in touch with us for your Housing Colony Development, please write to us at info@skilltechmysore.com

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